”Who is Russia?”

The world's first literary travel show!

Having visited Sakhalin to learn how guests perceive Russian winter! Three volunteers from Angola, Algeria and Guatemala have already tried themselves in “Who is Russia?”

But this is just the beginning! Just a test!

We start in August 2021!!!!

Project Description:

What will it be? ”Who is Russia?”

10 popular foreign bloggers set out on an unusual trip to Russia. Their task is to “explore the Russian soul” and make the whole world stay fascinated with the most unusual and extreme content from the world’s most extraordinary country ever.

Route description:

What will it be? ”Who is Russia?”

We are starting our first season in the European part of Russia. From the White to the Black Sea. From the Baltic to the Urals. From Moscow to St. Petersburg.

The TOP PRIZE is a trip to the Putorana Plateau - the most mysterious and unspoilt corner of the country.

1. Moscow

is an undoubtedly perfect city for foreigners

2. The Golden Ring of Russia:

Mother-Russia | Pereslavl-Zalessky | Suzdal | Vladimir

3. The Volga: the main river of Russia

Nizhny Novgorod-Kazan

4. Non-Russian Russia: Bashkiria (Ural)

5. FIVE STAR Vacation - Russian superb resort:

Sochi | Krasnaya Polyana | Pyatigorsk

6. New Caucasus - Russian Dubai: Chechnya

7. Traditional Caucasus: Dagestan

8. Nature of Russia: wild-hiking survival:

Karelia: rafting kayaking ATVs

9. Water and Believe -the Russian North Philosophy

The Northern Maldives of Russia: Kizhi | Valaam | Solovki

10. St. Petersburg - as a mirror of Russia: yesterday, today, tomorrow

Leningrad | Saint-Petersburg | Peter


With the assistance of the Live Classics Fund